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A Pill to Help Save Your Smile
Research by the Content Manager
There's a new weapon in the war against gum disease. A low-dose antibiotic has just been approved by the FDA. It could help millions of Americans hang onto their pearly whites.
People with periodontitis -- a bacterial invasion of the gums -- are at risk of losing their teeth. The reason? As the body's immune system tries to kill off bacteria, it attacks its own bones and gums -- the scaffolding that keeps teeth in place. The result is nasty pockets around the teeth that can ultimately loosen them.
Until now, treatment options have been limited ... and grim -- unpleasant deep cleanings or even surgery. And that, of course, is on top of your standard twice-a-year cleaning.
The newly approved pill, called Periostat, seems to prevent those pockets from forming. At the very least, it should buy a little more time between those dreaded visits to the dentist. And wouldn't that be a good reason to grin?

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