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Are Diesel Engines Really Safer?
Research by the Content Manager
Diesel cars and trucks are efficient, low maintenance and, advocates claim, environmentally friendly. But is diesel really better for our surroundings? Maybe not.
Diesel engines do emit less carbon monoxide than regular gas motors. But diesel engines also produce up to 100 times more soot, and these soot particles are much tinier than the ones in ordinary exhaust. They're so small, in fact, that the natural filters in our noses and airways don't always catch them. The result: Diesel soot often is inhaled deep into our lungs.
Now researchers in Europe claim to have discovered that just one hour's exposure to diesel fumes leads to inflammation in the lungs -- the kind experts fear may be related to asthma. Even worse, many investigators suspect that diesel fumes might even cause lung cancer.
Until we manage to make diesel less dirty, you might want to avoid breathing fumes from buses and trucks. And drivers, do us a favor: Turn off those idling engines.

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