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How Bananas Help Prevent Stroke
Research by the Content Manager
You may have heard that the mineral potassium can lower blood pressure. But there's another health payoff, experts are learning: According to several studies, potassium may also ward off stroke.
Researchers at Harvard University found that people who took in more than four grams of potassium a day -- either from food or supplements -- were less likely to have a stroke than folks who got only half as much.
If you do have high blood pressure, potassium can really be a life-saver. In the Harvard study, folks with high blood pressure who took potassium supplements -- beyond what they got from food -- cut their chance of stroke by a whopping 60 percent.
So how can you boost your potassium? Actually, it shouldn't be hard. Potatoes, orange juice, milk, and beans are good sources. But the real kings of potassium are bananas and dried apricots. Eat a half cup of apricots and a banana, and you'll get nearly 2 grams. A 500-milligram supplement, taken twice a day, can fill in the gap.

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