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Welcome to Community B@azar, KSA chapter.
Now our ladies who always thought to do some thing to make some extra Riyals and make a difference but at the same time due to other household chores it was not possible.
Now is the time that you do your own business in your own time on your own terms. announces the start of online virtual shops under new segment "Community Bazar" . This service is ONLY for YOU because you have joined CP for the noble cause of "Unity" - InshaAllah unity will prevail and together WE will make a difference!
This option is open for those male members as well who have some sort of home run business.
In phase one we are only offering ordering of goods online and later inshaAllah we will provide you pay online facility as well.
Now you may bring from Pakistan handicrafts, readymade dresses, Shadi Biyah kay Items AND sell Online or perhaps you run a skin and hair care saloon?

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