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Dear Mr. Mobin/Tahir Butt, I want to thank for giving me the opportunity to speak in your seminar. It was a wonderful experience. It was nice to see such a huge attendance. The way it was organized, was outstanding. I think CP is the role model  for all NGOs of Pakistan. Thank you once again, Best Regards,
Javed Abbasi
Project Director, MBA Bi-Major (MIS & Finance), PMP, MBCP, CISA, CISM, CISSP, IT-Project Plus, ITIL, CLS, CCNA, IBM-CSE, IBM-SP, CCSA, CCSE ISO/IEC 27001 ISMS Practioner & Audtior Dip. Islamic Banking & Insurance (IBII, UK)CIPA (AAOIFI) Six Sigma Green Belt

Dear Tariq Sahab, Thanks for organizing such a good seminar. It was informative and useful. I suggest to arrange a seminar in future on similar topics of common interest like "  Time Management", "Creative Thinking", "Basic rules of Healthy life" etc. Also I will appreciate if you can advise when we will receive our certificates? Is there a common place where we can come, meet you and collect the certificate. Regards Abid
Dear Tahir bhai,
We missed you a lot. May Allah bless you with sound health. 
The QA Seminar was fantastic. Full of knowledge and information. Sure I gained a lot and hopefully others have also done the same. I really appreciate from the depth of my heart for all CP is doing for the betterment of the Pakistani Community. May Allah bless you people and give us the courage also to volunteer ourselves and spare some time for the same cause. 
I thank you again and would like to have the presentations on CP website as soon as possible. 
Allah Hafiz... Yours brotherly  Faiz
It is commendable that CP on its own arranges diversified seminars/programmers on various aspects of social, professional and individual life. Being a quality professional I shall always be looking forward to more seminars like the one CP organized on 26th Jan In time to come. Shujaat Ullah Khan Process Developer Norconsult Telematics SA Riyadh
Dear Mr. M. Tariq. It was a nice gathering and a fruitful seminar, and we must all have learn some thing from this work shop, hope this type of gathering as you promised will Cary on and shall increase the levels and standards of our quality production and business activities. I congratulate the CP and rest of its team for arranging
a wonderful event like this. Hope to see you soon. Regards Mazhar Ali Qureshi
Dear Tahir Bhai, AOA, Many thanks for arranging knowledgeable QA Seminar. W  miss you a lot & hope you have recovered. Mr. Tariq & Dr. Usmani have exerted all possible efforts and the event was a great success. It was good time to meet our Professionals, expert panel as well as to enhance our knowledge. To be precise I would say it was event of six P's - Purpose, Passion, Presence, Personal, Persistence, People.
Congrates to whole CP Team. With best regards, Ch. Amjad Farooq CP Member - Riyadh.
Dear Tahir Sahib, 
You will be getting lots of emails about the event. So i will try to be as brief as possible. First of all I congratulate you and other CP organizers for such a professional event. Now some suggestions: 
1- Schedule of the event should be followed strictly. It was mentioned that the event would start at 4 pm then it should have started at that time. 
2- Some speakers were not maintaining their allotted time. The moderator should remind the speakers about their time. 
3- Some volunteers should be there to guide the crowd during prayer breaks and dinner. This will avoid such chaotic situations as we saw. 
For future seminars, I will be glad to help CP organize the event. And I guess there will be many others also ready to help and participate if asked. Best regards, Mohammad Asim Siddiqui
Dear Tahir Bhai, ASAO 
Thanks for the detailed message.  I would like to congratulate you and your team for organizing such an excellent and informative event.  I would proudly say that we have rerely few people who serve and think about the community welfare to this extend without any interest. May God help you and reward you.  Meanwhile, I pray for your good health, we heard due to the illness you were not present in the program. Best regards, Zafar Javed
Dear Tahir Bhai
Congratulations for the successful QA seminar held in Saudi German Hospital, Riyadh, which was marvelous event of Friday's beautiful evening, arranged by Contact Pakistan with the Experts & Consultants of ICON-RealConsult/Modi Int'l and Higher Management's Officials of Biggest Organization in the Kingdome, really everyone enjoyed this seminar & got the useful information from the experts on their field experience. 
Also I really appreciates the Best Quality Audience of our Pakistan Community, very much disciplined, who have listened the speakers with full concentration to their best attention and kept the auditorium in pin drop silence, whereas the SGH auditorium was completely full and crowded of participants. 
Once again thanks to you & Tariq Bhai with your entire Team of Contact Pakistan on the successful arrangement of this QA seminar relates to the following subjects and everyone took a lot of benefits for their knowledge & experience by this quality Assurance Seminar:-
- Concepts of quality, Failure Causes, and Benefits of quality. 
- Rule, Quality Approach, Continual Improvements. 
- 1:10:100 Rule, Quality Approach, Continual Improvements.
- SIPOC, Process Approach to quality and 85:15 Formula.
- Quality Management Principals for Total Quality Management.
- ISO - Brief Introduction and QA ISO 9000 - Quality Management System Orientation.
- Quality Options.
- ISO Certification Process  
And also I am thankful to all Experts &  Consultants of  this QA  Seminar Mr. Mustaqeem Shaikh, GM, Mr. Mobin Shaikh of ICON-RealConsult/Moodi Int'l for their best orientation & Experts Reviews by the following High Officials of Reputed & Esteemed Organizations in the Kingdome of Saudi Arabia. 
GM – Coca Cola Bottling Co.
QA Manager – Saudi Ceramics Co.    
Project Director – Al Rajih Bank.
QA Manager – Herfy Food Co.
Group Business Improvement Consultant – Abdullah Fouad Holding.
As for as your presence is concern in this event, everybody was missing you and we are always praying for your health & your family.  
Thanks & Best Regards, 
Syed Abdul Rehman, Chief Accountant. Saudi German Hospitals Group, P.O. Box 84348 Riyadh 11671,
Dear Mr. Butt,
The seminar went very well and it was very knowledgeable and informative. In the future you should keep doing these types of seminar for Pakistani community. I would like to suggest that you should select the week day and 2-3 hours of seminar as mostly people are living with their families in KSA and they have only Friday available to rest and spend their times with their families.

Dear Tahir Sb,
First of all I would like to congratulate you on conducting this informative seminar.  The seminar is very informative and was conduct in a good manner.  Indeed it have provided me with a clear picture of ISO. The organizers and speakers are well qualified specially Mr. Mobeen.  I will pray from Allah for your good health and to give you the courage and strength to do more of these programs in future.
God bless you. Regards,
Assad Javed, Procurement Dept. Al Raha Group for Tech. Services,

Dear Mr. Tahir,
The seminar was great and I must really appreciate Contact Pakistan's efforts to make it happen. We can have a vague idea about the efforts put by contact Pakistan. before I was living in Khobar so I didn't have
much chance to attend CP seminars but I have newly shifted to Riyadh and have attended last 2-seminars and i have learnt alot and i look forward to learn more. Now as i mentioned above, i am new to Riyadh and socially i am not
much into people as i dont know much people over here. can we have something done which can help people like me who are new to riyadh to grow their social circuit. Your any assistance is highly appreciable.
Faisal Naseem Riyadh

Dear Tahir bahi,
QA seminar was really an informatics seminar for all of us those who are specially working in an organization who believes on quality and willing to have those certificates. I am really thanks full to CP team who provide us this opportunity.
At last but not the least…when could we have certificates? Do we need to collect it from somewhere or you will send by post?
I forget to ask about your health. Yesterday you were unavailable bcz of illness. My prayers with you brother. May ALLAH (SWT) gives you good health and bless you with his mercy.
Thank you very much again for all the efforts. Very kind regards,
Muhammad Irfan Khan

Salaam, Thank you for providing such benefitial opportunities to the community. We got to know about your sour health in the seminar therefore praying for your good health. Allah hafiz Best Regards, Jehanzaib Ahmed Siddique.
Brother Tahir, Assalaam-o-alaikum 
First thanks to arrange such a good seminar to gain some important knowledge about quality. This is first & very good experience to attend a seminar arrange by ContactPakistan. I hope we will have more seminar's like this. God be with u keeping u safe from all harms & Get well soon (Amen). 
May there always be work for your hands to do;
May your purse always hold a coin or two;
May the sun always shine on your windowpane ;
May a rainbow be certain to follow each rain;
May the hand of a friend always be near you;
May God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you.
Thanks & Best Regards Atif Sami
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Dear Mr. tahir, Yesterday during seminar, we have been informed that you are not feeling well. We pray for your health.
As regards seminar, it was well organized and planned. We enjoyed the evening and gathered allot of useful information on quality and quality certification. You & your team is doing tremendous job for the unity & enhancement of our community. We pray for success in your future plans. Yours sincerely,

Tariq Chaudhary
Schenker a Division of Mahmoud Othman Est.

Dear Mr.Tahir,
I would like to conratulate you and all team members as well as Mr.Mustaqeem Sheikh and Moddy international for their professional presentation yesterday >please convey this message to all your team members.
I hope you are fine now and pray all mighty for your good health I missed you  yesterday. please let me know if i can help you and your team . Best regards , Mirza Tanveer Ahmed
Great pople always do the great jobs like you. I wanted to say something about "definition of quality" when the audience was asked by Mr. Mobin Shaikh but when it strucked my mind he just finished asking to the audience.
In my Opinion "Quality is a struggle to be Perfect"
Nyway its late now. Really we learned andenjoyed the Seminar. Hope that CP will run at its full boom always. No doubt, Mr. Sherazi's and Mr. Mobin's way of speech was excellent. Inshalah I will give you some more suggestions to CP in the coming days. Regards to CP, ICON & MOODY. Imran Jaffri
Dear Mr. Tariq, Thanks for your for such a nice email. And I offer my services to you, when ever you require me plz call me at my mobile 0502301957. I am an IT professional in riyadh and maily expert in database programming in oracle. Regards Safdar Hassan Shaikh Oracle Applications Consultant.Riyadh

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