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Terms and Conditions
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  1. All participants (MALE / FEMALE) should get themselves registered 10 days before the event.

  2. Certificates will be issued after seminar to only pre-registered participants

  3. Children of any age are not allowed in the hall. This does not apply to students over 16 years of age.

  4. We are always proud of our community which is decent, respects others and represents true picture of our beloved country Pakistan.

  5. Dress code for the seminar is formal. Please avoid casual outfit. Remember we are representing Pakistan. Participants are expected to wear decent attire as program will be attended by many general managers and other senior managers from different Multinational and local companies.

  6. Seats are limited to who have confirmed and match with the list at the registration desk. Please make sure that you have received confirmation from CP and good if it is printed and brought along.

  7. This Event is only for CP members.

  8. If you have a question, write it down and ask in the Q&A session. Stationary for taking notes will be provided but you may bring your own folder as well.

  9. Participants will be requested to switch off their mobiles

  10. Participants should carry their writing instruments like pens or pencils to take notes. However, all presentations will be available on www.contactpakistan.com after the event both in text and audio format.

  11. Participants will be required to put their business cards in Lucky Draw Box for eligibility to gifts

  12. Participants should provide right information about themselves and their companies to be able to receive "Appreciation Letters" to their GM or MD or President.

  13. People who want to cancel their registration should inform organizers or sponsors 5 days before event to ensure proper arrangements. CP reserves to cancel membership to its KAS community in case you do not attend after registration and a  formal cancellation is not made prior to the event.

  14. Contact Pakistan and Sponsors will be allowed to provide update information to registered participants on phone, fax or email.

  15. If any registered participant is unable to attend, a substitute delegate will be very welcomed in his place if a formal request made. The substitute delegate needs to be a CP member.

  16. Certificates will be issues against name as entered in the registration form.

  17. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the program may change. Organizers and sponsors reserve the rights to alter the program details including venue and/or speakers

  18. Registering for the event implies you agree to above terms.