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Latest Status of Doctors from KSA joining the
Virtual Medical Team KSA
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Eyes / Ophthalmology




Heart  Cardiology

Chest Physician


Epilepsy Specialist

Physical therapy


CPR Trainers


Presenters & Others

We would like to invite you to join CP KSA team and be part of a medical team that is already offering various services to KSA & Middle East community but now needs immediate expansion to serve the community in best possible manner. We (CP Operation Team) has been always providing you all the help and services considering you being a respectable community member who thinks like us and would act like us in case someone needs help.
The time has come to pay back to the community. You are one of the few hundred selected members who belong to noble profession of medicine whom we are contacting to come forward and spend few hours a month helping the community. In return not only you will get loads of prayers from those whom you would help but also you will be proud team member of CP.

If you join any of CP teams may it be local or global all CP team members are eligible to:-
1) Requesting online community surveys to help them in their research papers (Data Sampling)
2) Extended help from within team contacts on personal issues
where possible!
3) Prestigious Community Service Certificate upon request provided to team members who have accomplished at least one community project.
4) Private Medical Business promotion to CP community in return to Community Service
5) Promote your professional organization (Bodies, Alumni, Associations, Group (if any) from CP platform
6) Performance and social work contribution provides greater chances of joining CP Global Team.

I would love to chip in my help and would like to serve the community but
There are number of ways you can help the community.

Intellectual Contribution
Write useful health related articles that we would love to publish in the KSA newsletter and global web site. Note that our readership of contents is over one million page views a month!
You can produce your articles in English or Urdu. If not good at Urdu typing, send us hand written scripts and we will type them for you.
To know more about this option you can always contact
Global contents provision policy applies
Click Here to Join in this Community Project

Physical Participation
You are most welcome to be presenter, organizer, host and sponsor of community medical Seminars. This will help you to interact more with the community and at the same time earn appreciation for your community service. This also helps you in your professional career by providing you real time research material. Just imagine reaching to the community and offering help in return brings you more prosperity, research contents and prayers of all those who will benefit.
Exposure from CP platform means exposure from the largest Pak community not in KSA but in the whole world!
Check out some of the community medical seminars that we had conducted in Riyadh. You are most welcome to use the same contents to have a show of your own. Other areas of physical interaction are forming counseling groups and forming even doctors group.
Positions available:- City Team Leader of doctors group (Let CP Unite You), Event Management has various positions from Stage Leader to Reception Committee and for sure be a speaker / presenter!
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Virtual Help to Pak Community VIRTUAL HOSPITAL
Answer medical questions asked by CP KSA community. This job may require just few hours a month but just imagine how much help you would offer to a person who is seeking your professional help.  You are not suppose to prescribe medicine but guide community members in the right direction.
Please check out our global virtual hospital to understand the concept. Here is a process diagram which should also help to understand how all this works.
Be one of the Virtual Consultant of Medicine in Family Medicine, Pediatric, Gynecology, Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Diabetes Management, Obesity, Heart and related issues, Stress Management, Ophthalmology, Orthopedic, Osteoporosis Management and Physiatrist counseling.
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Register in CP Virtual Blood Bank

If you appreciate what we are doing for the community then please do forward this page to your friends so they can join the team well.
Once you are a team member you can always decorate your CV with a referral letter from CP confirming your participation in one of the world largest virtual community welfare projects

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