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POP'em Carefully
Don't be a careless pill popper;
check whether you've been following these guidelines.
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  • Read labels carefully for directions about proper use, storage, contra-indications, expiry date, etc.  Discard outdated medicines.
  • When taking out tablets, tear the strip in such a manner that the expiry date can be seen even for future use.
  • Make sure you understand all instructions before leaving your doctor's clinic.  If in doubt, request your doctor to write out the dosage and other directions in a simple format.
  • Do not take scheduled drugs used by a friend or relative as the same medicine may work differently for different people.  Check with your doctor first.
  • Always inform your doctor of previous illnesses, medicines taken, doses, problems experienced, if any, and of any medicines you are already taking. 
  • While purchasing medicines, see that the seal is not broken or punctured and the wrapping is not damaged.  If you find a medicine is discoloured, smells funny or seems damaged or defective in any way, do not use it.
  • Take your doses regularly. Make a chart of your medicine Timings. Put it up where you can see it and tick off each dose after you've taken it.
  • Keep all medicines out of children's reach. Consult a doctor before giving more than one medicine at a time to a child and also when giving any OTC drug to a child recovering from an earlier illness.
  • Always close the cap tightly and keep medicine bottles clean on the outside. Sticky bottles, particularly of paediatric syrups, not only collect dust, but also attract ants.
  • Always keep medicines in their original container with the labels intact. Before reusing a medicine bottle to store any other substance, remove the earlier label.  Stick a new, bold label and store the bottle away from other medicines.
  • Keep medicines for local application away from medicines to be taken orally.
  • If your symptoms continue, worsen, or if you experience some side-effects after taking any medicine, check with your doctor immediately.